A question bank by Neurologists for Neurologists!

The Best Interactive, Customizable Neurology Question Bank at the Most Affordable Price.

Includes High-yield image-based questions.

Neurocram is the only question bank in the industry to offer an array of image-based questions covering high-yield neuroimaging, histopathology, and gross pathology.

Know the fundamentals and stay up-to-date.

Get a handle on all of the age-old concepts we know the powers-that-be love to test. Stay up-to-date on newly established guidelines they expect you to know.

A comprehensive review.

Our 800-question database has been 4 years in the making and still growing!.

Useful for residents at ALL levels of training

This is not just another board review doubling as a learning resource for the resident still-in-training. Neurocram is ideal for ALL levels of training. The curriculum covers everything from the basic neurophysiology to neurocritical care. Review by subject as you go through your core rotations.

Explanations are written with "value-added" in mind.

In an attempt to be thorough and consistent, many question banks end up crowding explanations with low-yield material. Neurocram aims for efficiency and tailors the explanation format to the individual question. This means limiting text when possible and expounding only when it facilitates understanding, increasing the likelihood that you will actually retain the material.

Sample Questions

800 Written and Imaging Questions at Your Fingertips